Cannabis Sustainability Management

ESG Solutions

The Platform

ESG Reporting Solution

Our configurable online platform supports effective and efficient ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) management. Get actionable insights from your ESG data and sustainability initiatives with a powerful cloud-based solution.

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    Data Collection & VerificationĀ 
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    Trend Analysis & Reporting
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    Goal Setting
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Responsible Cannabis Practices

Our framework aims to validate, score, and benchmarks ESG performance data. This framework helps guide and support companies who are committed to providing the best and safest experience for their employees, customers, broader community and to leaving this industry better than they found it.


Health and Safety

Employees and customer wellbeing must be the priority. Commitment to cleanliness, and other safety measures are required as we navigate a post-pandemic world.


Stay on top of evolving provincial cannabis standards and be prepared for inspectors.

Environmental Sustainability

Accountability through policy commitments, goal setting, output tracking are first steps in the collective journey towards a healthier industry.

Diversity and Inclusion

We are committed to helping the cannabis industry work towards a more diverse future that includes race, gender and sexuality into their foundational policies.